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New fintech ventures launch every day

Competition is fierce, so entering the market with a unique product is a priority. Talk to us about defining a specific niche for your project, and we can help get the clarity you need to take advantage of the specialty your fintech solution provides.

Established companies looking to scale or complement their existing development teams can depend on us to help create efficiencies and identify opportunities to enhance their solutions. We’re especially interested in working on projects in:

Open-Banking, CDR, Platforms
Ecommerce, Wallets, Point of sale

We specialise in FinTech Product development

Whether you are an established company or a lean startup servicing B2B or B2C markets, we can add value to your technology development.

Startups with small budgets can rely on us to develop robust software that fuels new and emerging solutions. With our experience in the industry, we’ll help you connect with equity investors faster than traditional networking.

End-to-end product development team

As an end-to-end development team, we take care to help you develop products that consider the vital elements that make the customers experience safe, credible, adaptable, and flexible.

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Dealing with a high volume of data requires secure access and protection from data theft. We help you build customer trust and brand loyalty with a robust safety system you can rely on.
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The expectations of the modern startup customer is consistent unimpeded access to money. We take customer experience seriously, supporting our clients with startup solutions that don’t cause needless frustration, meet current best practice standards and regulations, ensuring peace of mind.
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Your organisation is unique. We try to understand what makes you special and adapt to fit in seamlessly.
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Agility and Flexibility
Your technology needs to enable you to react to the ever-changing digital marketplace. Creating flexible, customer-first technology that is flexible enough to quickly integrate with other systems and popular startup apps is a priority for our customers and us.

SHAVIK.AI Voice Innovation

Chatbots and AI-enabled software that can function on speech commands need to be included in your product offer and on your road map as a mandatory inclusion over a ‘nice to have.

As developers with our own AI Voice product, made for financial software and with a passion for human centred technologies, we can offer you a custom solution utilising the IP we have already developed to enable a future-proofed, AI ready. Solution.

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SHAVIK.AI is your superpower!

Whether you’re a startup or much further down the track, we’re here to support you at any point in your startup Journey.

We’re investors too

We are more than just developers; we invest in startup Products which align with our investment thesis.

Book a meeting to tell us about your idea or your project so we can start to help you build a startup solution for today and tomorrow.

With SHAVIK, disrupt financial markets, Transform your business!!

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